Kamikochi - uniquely Japan - uniquely alpine

We help people connect with nature and create lasting memories in the Northern Japan Alps.


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Japan is full of beautiful contrast and lives in tension with itself. One of the most beautiful tensions hangs between the booming urban life in big cities and the rest of Japan where a large population live in harmony with nature, enjoying the seasons in rural Japan.

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Experience a Deeper Japan - Kamikochi

Located in the birthplace of the Japanese Alps, Kamikochi offers breathtaking views and access to your next adventure.

Chubu Sangaku National Park

Kamikochi is part of an amazing park system offering great access to the great outdoors.

Experience & Explore Kamikochi

Explore the road less traveled.
Experience the heart of japan.

Kamikochi is located on a great #RuralJapan route between Matsumoto and Takayama City. If you are looking to get away from the big city and explore the road less traveled, Kamikochi and its surrounding areas have much to offer.

Attractions of Matsumoto CityAttractions of Takayama City