Now Offering Optional Free Tours of Kamikochi!

For our precious fans at Sacred Highland Kamikōchi, we are now offering, in cooperation with Quest Japan Ltd. (a Tokyo-based travel agency), optional cultural tours of Kamikōchi. For those joining Quest Japan’s 14-day “Mountains of Central Japan” hiking tour that takes members through Kanazawa, Kyoto, Nara, and central Japan, our 90-minute optional tour is free of charge!

Kamonji-goya Lodge

Highlights of our optional tour include experiencing the history of Kamonji-goya Lodge while eating grilled fish over its traditional hearth (above photo), paying homage at Hotaka-jinja Shrine (following two photos), and a visit to the mysterious Myōjin-ike Pond (third photo below).

Walking to Hotaka-jinja Shrine

Paying Homage at Hotaka-jinja Shrine

Myōjin-ike Pond


For more details of the “Mountains of Central Japan” tour offered by Quest Japan, please visit the following link:

"Mountains of Central Japan" Tour

For those who are not members of the “Mountains of Central Japan” tour, yet want to take part in our optional tour of Kamikōchi, it is possible to request a private tour. Private tours, however, are not free-of-charge. To arrange a private tour, email us with the number of people that wish to join the tour and the desired date/time. After consulting with local guides, we will respond to you with more details. For more details about our tour, please visit the following link:


We are always trying to think of new ways for our fans to enjoy Kamikōchi. If you have any ideas, wishes, requests, or comments, please feel free to post them on our Facebook page at:


See you around!