40 Days and 40 Nights

At this point, it would be hopelessly quaint to say that “Kamikochi has been in the midst of a rainy spell.”  Truth be told, repeated lashings of typhon weather have left the park and its surrounding area properly tempest tost.  It’s one of the few times during the tourist season when you will evell see the normally boisterous Kappa Bridge bereft of the usual crowds of people taking photos, and the overall impression is one of eerie silence.  But don’t despair–one of Kamikochi’s most celebrated seasons is just around the corner.  And the rain can’t last forever…right?

Tropical Storm Etau luckily failed to engulf Japan in flood waters these past few day, but sporadic rain is still happening around Nagano Prefecture.  Long term forecasts tell us that the weekend is shaping up to be better with a mix of sun and cloud expected.  That said, weather forecasts are always subject to sudden change, so be sure to check the weather and either adjust your plans or prepare accordingly in keeping with the forecast.


Not everyone is complaining about the recent spate of rainy days.  The fruit bearing trees seen here have done quite well with regular waterings:



And just to remind you that it hasn’t all been doom and gloom these past few weeks, the good folks at the National Park Guide posted this adooorable clip of a badger (アナグマ, or “hole bear” as it is know to the Japanese).  This little guy, one of the less often sighted members of Kamikochi’s rich menagerie of wildlife, was seen sniffing around the Gosenjaku Hotel the other day.  Count yourself lucky is you meet one.



Well, that’s all for now.  We hope to be back this weekend with some positive updates about the weather.  Also, as the vibrant autumn season approaches, we’ll do our best to keep you informed about conditions in Kamikochi and the surrounding areas.  So get cracking on a plan for your autumn visit.  We hope it’s an unforgettable one!


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