Celebrating Music and Surprisingly Good Weather

Another long standing tradition returned to Kamikochi last week when the 30th Annual Kamikochi Music Festival was held.  Headliner Takekawa Yukihide lent his talents to celebration of music under unseasonably blue skies.  What a perfect way to set the mood for the arrival of summer.



The actual event took place on Saturday the 14th at a specially set up stage just a short distance from the Kappa Bridge in the Konashidaira Campground.  Mr Takekawa of GodaiGo Vocal took the stage with his own ensemble band to play a set so inspiring that it seemd to chase the clouds away.




By the time Sunday rolled around you would hardly have know it was the rainy season.  Brilliant blue skies soared over Kappa bridge casting a warm, summery light on the green leaves.


DSCN2615-2  DSCN2621-1

It just goes to show that, even in the middle of June, we can still enjoy weather that is as pleasant and picturesque as any time of year.  This trend reached its peak on Sunday when the tentative fine weather of Saturday afternoon gave way to scenes like this:



晴れです!!  穂高連峰

With July now mostly behind us, we can soon expect to bid farewell to the tiresome unpredictability of the rainy season.  In the meantime, however, there are still plenty of sunny periods mixed in with clouds and rain, so if the forecast looks reasonably promising, consider paying a visit!


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