Autumn Arrives, Bearing Gifts

In between lashings of heavy rain and quite a few hot days at ground level, Kamikochi now finds itself in the midst of autumn.  It’s the season many look forward to most, with its rich panoply of colors and bracingly cool temperatures, yielding clear blue skies and starkly beautiful vistas.


While we’re still waiting for the foliage to kick in fully, there’s plenty to enjoy in the meantime.  These pictures, contributed by our friends at Shirakabaso Hotel, give a good indication of what you can expect on sunny days:


画像 028.jpg  画像 048.jpg

Above, are two secenic shots of Mount Yake, the still-active volcano that is the centerpiece for so many of the awesome views one sees on entering Kamikochi.  What we’ll be seeing from now on is what is known in Japanese as 秋晴れ (“akibare”), a type of autumn horizon in which the cool clean air and minimal cloud cover caused by high pressure systems give rise to spectacular views of mountain foregrounds set against clear, crisp blue skies.  When the weather cooperates, as it should do once we’re out of the current rainy season, mid-autumn becomes one of the highlights of the year in Kamikochi.

It would be a crime to reduce any of these pictures, per my usual custom, so let’s enjoy them in their full glory:


画像 063.jpg

画像 084-1.jpg

画像 073.jpg

Here we can see the unique ambience that the season’s flora and fauna bring to the park this September.  the Azumi fruits in the trees are a special hallmark of autumn in Shinshuu.



画像 007-1  画像 014-1

As I’ve said many many times and will cheerfully say once more, checking the weather and packing the appropriate gear and clothing is key to getting the most out of your Kamikochi visit this autumn.  It’s better that you overestimate how cold it will be than to underestimate.


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