Autumn Winds Down as Winter Approaches

Here we go again.  Kamikochi’s autumn 2014 season brought yet another fantastic display of colors and  (usually) clear blue skies.  And once again he have to say goodbye to all that as winter looms mere weeks away.  On the bright side, late autumn is still a very nice time of year with its mix of bracing alpine air and mid-November dustings of snow on the mountain tops.  For everyone who enjoys touring the park at their leisure, however, the clock is ticking: the autumn leaves have mostly fallen and the gate will soon be closed.


But hey, look at the pretty view and don’t think about it too much:

Lest this post come across as too negative, it should be pointed out that some autumn colors can still be seen here and there, notably in this picture of Karamatsu taken a few days ago:


And here again, we see some nice colors still on the trees in front of the Gosenjaku Hotel:


Elsewhere, it’s all too clear that brisk winds are stealing the remaining leaves from the trees:


Halloween day brought clouds to the main area of Kamikochi with traces of autumn foliage still visible around Kappa Bridge:


Somewhat livelier are the broad patches of yellow adorning the foot of Mount Yake:



And we can still see some colors on Mount Ryoppyaku, here photographed from the Tashiro Marsh:

There you have it folks: the countdown to this year’s closing ceremony has definitely begun.  Needless to say it’s chilly out there, so be sure to dress appropriately.


As always, feel free to visit out Facebook page with any questions or comments you might have: .  With Kamikochi’s 2014 season now nearly over, it’s also a great time to draw your attention to another great Facebook resource which fields questions abour Nagano Prefecture in general, The NaganoVisitors’ Information Site: .  Remember, adventures in Shinshuu don’t end when Kamikochi closes!


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