Autumn Showers Bring Unreal Beauty to Kamikochi

With a typhoon striking on August 31st and a period of rainy autumn weather looming just ahead, we can probably expect to see a fw rainclouds over Kamikochi in the coming weeks.  While it’s true that few people would consider this ideal, it’s no reason to stay away from the park.  The mist-cloaked vistas that follow heavy rain offer a kind of ambience normally only seen in fantasy movies and and are awe-inspiring in their own right.


But “a picture is worth a thousand words” and all that, so instead of waxing poetic about how “quietly majestic” these scenes can be, let’s let some recently snapped photos do the talking.




We start with the usual seasonal vegitation pictures.  Here we see raindrops gathering on the “touch me nots” (left) and the mugwort (right)


キツリフネ  オオヨモギ


There are also several species of lily appearing in Kamikochi these days, as seen here:



And you won’t catch these little guys complaing about the wet weather.  They’e taking to the autumn rain like ducks to…how does that expression go again?




And, for really impressive mist-swathed scenery, look no further than Taisho Pond, taking visitors’ breath away since 1915!


130903myojin  130903yumoya


As the autumn season gets into full wing, we expect a great deal of variety in what we can experience between now and the park’s closing in mid-November.  From the rainy dreamscapes of early September to the brilliant foliage of later autumn, every weekend should bring something unique and moving to Kamikochi.  So, pack some rain gear and a camera and stop on by for a visit!


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