Clear Blue Skies and Mornings Filled with Wonder

The early spring may have been a rainy mess, but Kamikochi has been enjoying a spell of good weather of late.  Bracingly cool mornings are followed by quite warm tempertures from the later morning to mid-afternoon.  Add in Kamikochi’s clean, fresh air and stunning scenery and you have the recipe for a perfect day in the great outdoors.


Currently, the weather forecast calls for a spot of rain early in the week, followed by highs climbing to the mid-twenties later in the week.  That means that, when the weather cooperates, you’ll be enjoying spells of t-shirt weather around midday.  For mornings and evenings, however, the usual logic still applies: sweaters fleeces and jackets will be your best friends when the temperatures drop (along with that mountain hut heater that gets switched off at 9pm).  Don’t let the warm day temperatures fool you; they will rapidly drop to single digits later at night and might still be just a few degrees above freezing on especially brisk mornings.



The warmer weather has also welcomed new plant and animal life to the park, with seasonal flowers visible everywhere you turn.  These wood sorrels were found near some larch trees in the area of the bus terminal:



The more colorful Rosaceae are also a welcome sight:




And no spring gathering would be complete without our old friend, the Oriental Turtle Dove.  Many will confuse this old stalwart for a simple pigeon, but it’s actual a distinct species unto itself:




For people truly looking to get away from it all, the best news of all might be that, with Golden Week past, Kamikochi has calmed down a bit, but nature itself is as vibrant as ever.  On the other hand, the rainy season will soon be knocking on our door, so this week might very well be the perfect time to drop in for a visit.



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