Cool Weather Continues

This summer season has been something of a mixed bag with periods of rain and and spells of uneasonably cool weather.  Now, that’s not necessairly a bad thing in  a country where the norm for summer is three months of searing heat.   Moreover, as we saw in last week’s blog, the cooler weather also signals that one of Kamikochi’s most celebrated seasons, autumn, is just around the corner.  There are already signs of leaves changing color (and is it just my imagination or is there an autumnal scent in the air)?



As usual, we’ve noticed a lot of seasonal plantlife blooming around the park, including forked viburnum (now displaying red berries):




More interestingly, this adorable Japanese Badger was also spotted talking a leisurely stroll around the park:


アナグマ  アナグマ3


Called アナグマ (literally, “hole bear”) in Japanese, they are of course members of the weasel family and share the nocturnal lifestyle, hunting habits, and cleverness of their weasely bretheren.  The Japanese Badger is small than its European counterpart and can be found on the the major islands of Japan save Hokkaido.


And here’s some more evidence of the approaching autumn season, the trees and shrubs are displaying a lot of late-season fruit, including the Barberry on the left.


ヒロハヘビノボラズ  ヤチトリカブト


It’s always a bit sad to say goodbye to summer, but please keep in mind that city dwellers still have plenty of sweaty days ahead of them in September and Kamikochi offers and especially cool alternative to heat and humidity.


With the weather as unpredictable as it is, you will want to check the forecast and pack appropriate close and gear before visiting.  Jackets and rain wear are already a must on most days.  Remember, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please visit our Facebook page and post on our wall:


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