Still Raining, Still Dreaming

Looking for some silver linings on those very persistent rain clouds?  Maybe we can help.  Though this past week has been a soggy one in the Northern Alps, that in itself is no reason to give up hope.  This week’s mini-blog, which takes inspiration from a recent post on the National Park Foundation’s website (Thanks guys!  You’re the best!) has picked up the gauntlet. Rather than dwelling on how wet it’s been, we thought it would be fun to list the top 10 reasons not to hate on the rainy season.  Timpani!


10. The realtive lack of crowds during rainy season makes Kamikochi incredibly peaceful.  In fact, the atmosphere that descends on the park after the rain could be described as one of otherworldly calm.


Have a look at this past blog post if you’re not convinced:


9. Rain gear is no longer deadweight. Tired of lugging that kappa around on sunny days?  Problem solved.


8. It’s good for the Flowers. Yeah, this one is a giveaway, but it’s true:



7. It’s especially good for flowers inclined to bloom in cool, wet conditions. Self explanatory, right?


6.  Tired of reduced visibility on the horizon?  Look down. It’s one of the best times to see the first bloom of summer vegitation.  Take advantage!


5. The “Suibokuga Effect.”  Under the right conditions, certain areas can take on the appearance of a traditional Japanese ink wash painting, with dark tones, blending into mist to create dreamlike vistas straight from the cover of a fantasy novel.  Read more here:


4.  No Number 4.


3. Beautiful Sunsets: Another Kamikochi hallmark, sunsets are not only a feature of the fair weather seasons.  If the sky partially clears around sundown, you might be treated to some truly spectacular views, with the sun dyeing the clouds deep red.


2.  The sound of falling rain as you drift off to sleep. Whether it’s on your tent or the roof of a hut, it’s pretty magical.


1. It might take the weekend off: Check out this weekend’s (07/09/2015) forecast here:


Well, take this as you will.  This weekend might be a good time to get you Kamikochi fix while the getting’s good.  We’ll be there!


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National Park Foundation website: