Summer waterfront that gives you more

 Written by: Haruka Maruyama

In Japan, it is a recorded heat that we have faced for this summer. All the more, one would like to make oneself cooler within the trees and near water. Kamikochi is one of the best spots that you can find coolness and refreshment within, and today, let us get a feel of walking natural path of Kamikochi with some pictures!

Here, you can find the pictures that have been taken by the staffs of Shimizuya Hotel. They are the people that know how Kamikochi is look like in each season, and especially in summer, they recommend the waterfront.

You can see the two pictures below. Can you make the difference with them? The one letf is the scene of the upper stream of Shimizu river, and the latter is the lower one. You can notice that the water flow differently, and more, the greenness of the algae is different. Sometimes, nature shows us multiple faces with it.



According to one study, what is the most surprising and impressing things for the visitor of Kamikochi is the “Clean and clear water”. Come and visit here and have a refreshing summer!!


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