27th Annual Kamikochi Music Festival Held

On Saturday, June 11th, the 27th annual Kamikōchi Music Festival was held at the Konashidaira Visitor Center. The event started at 1pm and continuted for about 2 hours. Although the weather on Saturday was not the greatest with rain in the morning, luckily (especially for all those not under the roof) just after the start of the event, the rain finally stopped. Da Capo, a three member group consisting of a couple and their daughter, was this year’s entertainer for the music festival.

The Group Da Capo Performing at Konashidaira

While the husband played an acoustic guitar and the daughter a flute, the musically-inclined family captured the audience with their mix of lively and somber songs. The audience couldn’t help but find themselves humming along. In total, 17 songs were performed, one of them together with a local chorus.

Thanks to Da Capo and the ending of the rain, a wet day turned into a very lively day, with the audience gaining a new energy that couldn’t be felt in the morning. After the event, people could be seen walking all about. These two found an excellent place in the middle of the river to enjoy the scenery and peace of the nature all around.

Local Elementary Students Singing Weston's Song

Local Elementary Students Singing Weston’s Song

Listening to soothing music while in the midst of the soothing power of nature… Especially with the fresh greenery all around, this event was a great refreshment to the senses and an excellent opportunity to cleanse our minds and bodies. It’s just unfortunate that we have to wait a full year until the next music festival. And we can only wonder who will be performing then.

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