2012 Opening Approaches!

Now, in the heart of April, Kamikōchi is really getting back in gear and preparations for this year’s opening are under way. Opening day has been pushed back a slight bit to April 27th, but it’s only a blink away. With the clear weather of late, the scenery in Kamikōchi has been amazing. Today let’s get a taste of what awaits us!

A Lovely Blizzard

-8 degrees C and a blizzard… Well, no. This was last week. Two days later, the scenery changed quite a bit.

Beautiful Weather

Not a cloud in the sky… Now, if opening day is as beautiful as this, we are living in a perfect world.

Below we can see Mt. Yakedake, and what is that on the left? Okay, maybe not a cloudless day, but almost!

Mt. Yakedake

And looking toward Mt. Hotaka-dake again… While many dream of seeing the rising sun over the sea, I’m more a fan of seeing it on mountains. Reflecting off the brilliant white of the snow, things really lighten up in Kamikōchi.

Mt. Hotaka-dake

And next, Kappa-bashi Bridge, where the opening ceremony will be held. I wonder how many hundreds of liters of sake they will prepare this year.

Kappa-bashi Bridge

Looking a little more closely at the Hotaka Range, I just want to stare forever. Can’t forget the climbing, though!

Amazing Contrast

The beautiful blue, white, and green that Mother Nature has put together here are pretty much what my dreams are made up of this time of year. And at most other times of the year, I suppose.

Great Contrast!

I am being completely honest when I say that mountains don’t get any more beautiful than this.

Mountains Don't Get Any More Beautiful!

Spring is on its way in while the cold winter wind retires for the season. At a little less than two weeks away, the 2012 Opening Ceremony is coming soon. We can all hope that we get to see Kamikōchi as beautiful as this (while indulging in copious amounts of free sake at the ceremony, of course)!


Source of Information:

 – Kamikōchi Gosenjaku Group (http://www.gosenjaku.co.jp/)