A Different Side of Kamikochi

This past week, Kamikochi has seen both lashings of heavy rain and occasional crashes of thunder, and while that can be scary up in the mountains, it has also shown us a side of the park we don’t often get to see.


Beginning last Monday, a long period of sunny weather was broken by rain.  Once the rain had stopped, however, visitors where greeted by a scene of calm and otherworldly beauty.  A thick fog rolled in to cap the peaks of Hotaka and give the Azusa River a thick blanket of mist.





The whole world seemed to go white before the fog eventually lifted to reveal a familiar panorama.  In the wake of the rain, the temperature had also cooled somewhat, continuing the trend of the past two weeks toward cooler weather.  Morning temperatures hover around 15 degrees Celsius, climbing to the mid-twenties by midday, very comfortable by August standards.



In the wake of the rain, there’s also a wealth of new plant life to be seen.  The recently-sprouted angelica flowers on the left are noted for their resemblance to an open umbrella and sometimes served in tempura dishes as a seasonal treat.  On the right, is a larger variation of the artimisia flower, noted for its strong fragrance.




Now that the Obon holiday season has passed, things are sure to be a little quieter here at Kamikochi.  Soon, we’ll be in the cusp of Autumn and a whole new season for hiking and exploring.  If you’re planning a trip, please consult relevant information elsewhere on this site and prepare yourself for a truly memorable experience!


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