A Quick Jaunt up to Dakesawa Marsh


Hello to all of our loyal readers. Some of you may be wondering why it’s been so long since our last post. Truth be told, our writing team hit a busy patch which is now nearly over. And with that business nearly behind us, we now resume our regularly scheduled programming.

School’s out across Japan not a moment too soon. In most places, the thermometer is creeping into the low 30s with urban life taking turn for the sweatier. What better time to make your way to Kamikochi and take a leisurely stroll along the Azusa River?

(Thanks as always to the fine folks at The Nature Guide Five Sense Kamikochi blog, especially Ume and Sakura, who created the posts used in today’s blog.)


At just a twenty minute walk upriver from Kappa Bridge and over very level terrain, the walk to Dakesawa Marsh is quite leisurely. You’ll get to take in all the sights along the way and will just about cover the 10,000 steps a human being is supposed to take each day.

And crystal clear river water will be your companion along the way, providing a gentle ambiance and at no point awkwardly trying to initiate conversation:


In addition to plant life, you will also almost certainly see wildlife along the way, including butterflies and marauding monkeys:


Those of you who prefer to take your time are advised to budget an extra 30 minutes or so before the bus you plan to take departs. That way you can avoid rushing back along a trail perhaps best appreciated at a slower pace.

Regarding current weather conditions in Kamikochi, the high today was 24 degrees Celsius–one degree higher than the 23 recorded yesterday. So if you’re feeling the heat and in need of some relief, consider heading to higher ground.

And if you do plan to visit this summer, please remember to wear a hat and apply sunscreen. The UV levels are very high in these parts.

Till next time, we hope you’re making the best of this summer.

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