Spells of Rain and Haunting Mists

The advent of autumn has brought a lengthy rainy spell to Kamikochi as clouds darken the horizon and long periods of rain dampen the trails and cause the river to swell and go tea-colored as sediment swirls to the surface.  The weather has also been much cooler as the dampness in the air adds to the chill.  Those warm vibrant days of autumn that we all cherish will be here shortly…but not this week, judging by the forecast.

As of last Saturday, Morning temperatures had dipped to about 10 degrees Celsius.  This means the sensible visitor to the park will be packing a fleece and rain gear pretty much from now on.

It’s not all storm clouds and gloom, however.  Anyone who ventures outside during a brief respite from the rain can expect to see haunting scenes like the one pictured above.  You may feel as though you’ve just strayed onto the set of a Herzog film.

Your spirits might also be lifted by the sight of a bird in search of a mid-morning snack:

So there you have it, a soggy bulletin from the midst of Kamikochi’s longest spell of rainy weather in some.  Keep checking back for positive updates on this situation and, as always, try to stay warm and dry.

Source of Information:

National Park Guide website: http://npg-alps.net