Calmness in the Air

While Kamikōchi is not the quietest of places at the moment, there is calmness in the air. It’s instinct that tells us to go to sleep when it’s dark, just as much as it tells us to wake up when the sun rises. With the cooler temperatures and shorter daylight hours, we spend more time inside and less time outside. Although, I am extremely busy with prewinter preparations and outdoor work, nature is making me relax more. And these days, it seems that I just can’t help but take a few trips to the mountains here and there to really ‘feel’ the season.

Let’s take a look at a few pictures of Kamikōchi now and see if you can feel the season or not. 

Could you feel it? Nature is winding down, and really that’s all that I want to do. When there is finally a meter of two of snow piled up outside, I think I’ll have a good excuse to just sit down and sip my sake.


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