Checking in on Kamikochi

Although spring is on its way, winter is still clinging on in Kamikōchi. In February, a visit was made to check up on the buildings, weather, and situation in preparation for the coming tourist season. As expected on that day, the weather did not permit great views. But overall, it was calm with a feeling of silence extending through the whole of Kamikōchi.

The Quiet Kamikōchi

Here, the water level of the Azusa-gawa River seems to be a bit higher than last year. 

Kappa-bashi Bridge

Conversely, the snowfall this winter has been much lower than average. At roughly 50-60cm deep, this is plenty enough to keep everything blanketed in white for a while longer. Several deeper spots can be located around the buildings.

Snow Piled Up

Although the anxious wait continues, there is now less than two months until the opening cermony of Kamikōchi for 2012. We can only guess what this year holds in store for us.


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