Entering Rainy Season

The second typhoon this year swept by last week leaving a lot of water behind. As we have now entered June, rainy season is upon us. From now through mid-July, rainy days will increase in frequency and temperatures will rise to make for some brutally hot and humid days. Yes, it will also rain in Kamikōchi, but it will also be a lot cooler than the cities. What a good chance to escape the heat!

I used to not like rain very much, but these days, I have come to like rainy days. It’s the rain that comes in this season that gives us the beautiful green of the plants, trees, forests, and mountains all around. And with the heat of the Japanese summer, I welcome the times when it’s pouring down rain. Those days are for staying home. But, the days when it’s rainly lightly are good days to get out the raingear and go for a walk. Just like this mallard duck swimming around, people also need to get out and do something. Missing out on this season’s amazing green is like missing out on autumn’s colors or winter’s snow.

Mallard Duck Getting a Little Exercise

Mallard Duck Getting Some Exercise

Nirinsou in the Rain

Nirinsou in the Rain

For me, a mountain lover, I am always looking up. And in the past few years, I have come to enjoy the clouds of rainy season. Seeing the clouds at extremely low elevations (seeming almost touchable) being blown by and cut up by jagged mountains to continue on through narrow valleys and empty out into larger basins is something that just fascinates me. When I’m in the city, my attention doesn’t last incredibly long, usually broken by the sounds of passing cars or trucks. But when I’m deep in nature, I can seriously just sit and watch the clouds for hours.

Rainy Season Clouds

How about visiting Kamikōchi, taking a quiet walk, and just doing some cloud-watching? I can guarantee you that it is better than it sounds.


Source of Information:

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