For All You Insect Lovers…

If you are a real insect lover, I’m sure you’ve been wondering when your favorite little guys would make their way to a blog entry. Well, two little fliers have finally made it. I hope you are happy to hear that we have a few good shots for you. First, let’s take a look at this aki-akane dragonfly.

Aki-Akane Dragonfly (Known as Aka-Tonbo)


Known more commonly by the name aka-tonbo (meaning red dragonfly), these dragonflies come out in mid-summer and last through the beginning of fall. To Japanese, they symbolize the changing of the seasons. However, because summer in Kamikōchi is much cooler than in lower-lying areas, the viewing period of these dragonflies here is shorter than in other areas.

Aki-Akane Dragonfly (Known as Aka-Tonbo)

This next guy, a yama-kimadara-hikage butterfly, really has a mouthful of a name. Although it might be hard to find a person that can remember its full name, it is the most commonly seen butterfly in Kamikōchi. It’s quite unlikely that there is a person in Kamikōchi who hasn’t seen one flying around.

Yama-Kimadara-Hikage Butterfly

I can’t say that I’m a huge insect fan myselft, but after living in the Japanese countryside for a few years now, I have become accustomed to seeing insects change with the season. Should you stop by for a visit now, don’t forget to take a close look at the whole assortment of flying and crawling critters making Kamikōchi their home. Have fun!


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