Forget-Me-Nots and the Scent of Rain

Maianthemum (false lilies of the valley) take on a glazed appearance after a rainy morning.

As as the start of June draws nearer, rainy spells bring reminders of what is to come in the next few weeks: rain, clouds, more rain, and at times a hauntingly silent Kamikochi that feels more like the interior of a an ink wash painting than part of the real world.  While perhaps not to everyone’s taste, it’s part of the Kamikochi experience and not without its own unique appeal.

For the time being, we are still seeing some beautiful sunny days mixed in with cooler and rainier spells.  And as much as we might prefer clear days, the rain does reveal interesting details in certain plants.  The Dyphellia grayi, for example, turns translucent when wet explaining it’s informal name of “skeleton flower.”  Needless to say, these photos represent more magic from the dedicated bloggers at NPG, whose posts we’ve been happily plundering for a while now.

And who could forget the good old Myosotis sylvatica?

Kidding aside, there are bound to be some clear days scattered throughout June, but rain is always a possibility and rain gear should duly be prepared by all visitors planning on venturing beyond the Kappa Bridge area.

Rain or shine.  Kamikochi is always good for a stroll, but you’ll have a better chance of catching a clear day if you check the forecast and head out some time in the next week before Japan’s Meteorological Agency sounds the horn on the rainy season proper.

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