Images of Early Autumn

A chestnut tiger draws pollen from a flower at Konashidaira.

What of the humors and the ways of Autumn?

(Vergil, Georgics 1.V)

Hello to all our loyal readers!

It’s been quite a while since we’ve had a proper blog post here, so we thought we’d resume coverage of Kamikochi with a look ahead to the celebrated autumn season.

At time of writing, the park is already feeling the autumn chill every morning as cool air greets visitors with a brisk embrace.  In just about a month, autumn foliage will arrive to serve up what is arguably the quintessential Kamikochi experience with the clearest, crispest air of the year giving us deep blue skies against which to admire the colors.

In the meantime, we have the pleasing lead-up to the season, as documented in these wonderful photos from our favorite site, National Park Guide.  Enjoy!

Mount Myojin holding court on a clear, cool day.

Early glimpses of color by the Azusa River.

The popular Myojin Pond area looking picture perfect in mid-September.



In Dakesawa Marsh, the sight of vegetation slowly turning yellow is a hallmark of early autumn.

These images, sumptuous though they may be, are just a glimpse of the experience awaiting visitors on a clear autumn day.  With just two months left to enjoy Kamikochi before it closes for the winter on November 15th, we urge you to make the trip out and see for your self.  Please check the weather forecast and prepare accordingly.

All images and information courtesy of the National Park Guide Kamikochi blog: