Kamikochi – The Butterfly Preserve

Butterflies are among the many kinds of life that make Kamikōchi their home. Although not quite as well-known or popular as monkeys, bears, or kamoshika (Japanese serow), they are one of the most often seen creatures. In Nagano Prefecture, there are roughly 150 kinds of butterflies, while 65 different kinds have been recorded as living in Kamikōchi.

A Kohiodoshi Butterfly Sitting on a Flower

This Kohiyodoshi Butterfly Sits on Some Yotsuba-Hiyodori Flowers

Due to human influence, however, some of the butterflies of Nagano Prefecture have gone extinct. The butterflies of Kamikōchi on the other hand are spared much of this influence, due to being located in a national park. The excellent environment of Kamikōchi really is a nature preserve where many forms of life that have ceased to exist in more populated places can be see thriving.

A Komurasaki Butterfly on the Bank of a River

A Komurasaki Butterfly Resting on a River Bank

A Himeshijimi Sitting on a Leaf

Local Elementary Students Singing Weston’s Song

A Himeshijimi Butterfly on a Leaf

If you have any interest in butterflies, please come and visit. These three are just a few of the kinds that you can see in this season. A whole list awaits!


Source of Information:

– National Parks Foundation (http://www.bes.or.jp/kamikochi/)