Karasawa in Mid-Summer

Recently, a few girls of Shinshu Matsumoto Mountaineering Association Yamatami decided to boldly go where they had never been. That is climbing in the North Japan Alps, up to Karasawa. While having been to Kamikōchi before, they had never actually climbed any of the mountains here. They were in for a real treat, and literally more than just scenery.


Here they are, breaking away from the path to Mt. Yarigatake. They are crossing the bridge at Yoko-O and starting on the Karasawa trail.

Crossing the Bridge to Karasawa at Yoko-O

The weather got a bit rainy and cool, so they had to get out their raingear.

Getting Out Their Raingear

Next, girls being girls, had to relieve themselves from being cold and wet. So, when they made it to the Karasawa mountain hut, they couldn’t help but treat themselves to monster-sized sundaes. Can we say any more than ‘parfait-filled beer mug’?

Indulging in a Parfait-Filled Beer Mug

And finally, they reached their destination (after the sweets of course). Here a few of the girls are posing up at Karasawa.

Posing Up at Karasawa

From there, the girls returned the way they came. Having hiked for several hours, they once again indulged in some ice cream at Tokusawa. Wow… I don’t think I’ve ever eaten that much ice cream in the mountains. I can make one conclusion. If it’s sweet and they see it, they will want it. Have fun on your next climb, girls!


Source of Information:

– Shinshu Matsumoto Mountaineering Association Yamatami (http://yamatami.at.webry.info/)