Konashi and Sunsets

The time has come for the peak tourist season of Kamikōchi, that is when the trees of Kamikōchi change from their green to shades of yellow, orange, red, and brown. The konashi of Kamikōchi turning bright red are a sign of this. Now that these fruits are ripe for the picking, tourists (and monkeys) are sure to be seen in increasing numbers.

Bright Red Konashi

And while it has begun to rain a little again, the recent weather has been excellent. Another beautiful day…

Another Beautiful Day

Lately, the days have been beautiful and clear, but it’s not just the days. The evenings have been amazing as well. For me, the best sunset I have ever seen was here in Japan in the North Alps. While others may flock to the sea, I can’t be torn away from my mountains. In my experience, October seems to have the best sunsets in this area. It’s all dependent on the angle of light, the clearness of the sky, the kinds of clouds, and the mountains.

Because Kamikōchi is a very narrow valley surrounded by tall mountains, it is not all that often that you can see a spectacular sunset. The other evening, however, was different. Below, you can see how the sky turned pink, purple, and orange.

A Beautiful Sunset

And here, the final light of day from behind Mt. Yakedake… 

Final Light of Day from Behind Mt. Yakedake

Watching a sunset is really such a peaceful and quiet event. And for a tourist to Kamikōchi, I really couldn’t imagine a better end to a day.


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