Morning Frost Settles In

With temperatures dropping to 3C on the weekend, Kamikōchi's first frost of the season settled in and glazed the scenery with white. Here, at 6am, you can see the holiday weekend tourists standing on the frosted Kappa-bashi Bridge. This cold has made everyone start getting out warmer clothes.

Frost Settles on Kappa-bashi Bridge

Take a look at this frosted-over bench below. Doesn't look like anyone's going to be sitting here anytime soon…

A Frosted-Over Bench

And here we have a frosty fern. I particularly like this picture as I have some sort of instinctive like of these plants. I don't know why, but I like them. Maybe it's their simple beauty. Anyway, with its frost, this one has a unique beauty.

A Frosty Fern

Now, compare this picture to one taken in summer and you'll instantly notice the change in scenery. First and most different is the light. The angle of the sun has changed and is now giving Kamikōchi a more shadowy and serene feel. It's almost as if things are winding down for the year.

The Scenery has Changed a Bit

Temperatures are dropping, and soon they could fall below freezing. So for those of you planning to visit Kamikōchi, don't forget to pack your warm clothes, most notably a good coat, a warm fleece, a hat, and gloves to keep you happy and active in the mornings and at night!


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