Quiet Days…

Now that we have entered November, things are really quieting down. Nature is getting ready for its winter sleep with most leaves having already fallen. Likewise, tourists numbers have drastically fallen. There were a few days pretty warm days last week with very sunny days. It was really a good time to experience ‘peaceful’ Kamikōchi with beautiful weather and clear blue, cloudless skies.

Things are Quieting Down

Take a look at this trail along the Asusa-gawa River. Empty…

Trails Free of Tourists

And these empty picnic tables…

No One Around

Another empty walkway…

Empty Walkways

With the clouds rolling in, however, the scenery looks a bit different.

Mt. Myojin-dake

Taking a look at the picture above, it already feels cooler.

Thick Clouds Covering Mt. Hotaka-dake

As you can see, fall in Kamikōchi is quickly approaching its end.

Looking at Mt. Yakedake

There is only about a week left to visit, and since there are no tourist lines these days, a last minute visit is no problem! See you around.


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– Kamikōchi Onsen Hotel (http://www.kamikouchi-onsen-spa.com)