Rain or Shine (end of week mini-blog)

A narcissus flycatcher showing off its plumage in the summer sun.


It’s been a bit of a strange summer here in Nagano. When the sun is out, temperatures can creep up to the 30 degree Celsius mark, but when the rain and clouds sweep in, it can feel like a completely different season. All of this should change of course when the rainy season finally reaches its end and we can get stuck into summer proper.

If you were among the lucky few who made it to Kamikochi on Wednesday, you may have been treated to scenes like this:

The Hotaka peaks looking majestic after the rain had lifted.


On sunny days, you can partake in all the usual pleasures the park has to offer without having to maneuver your way through crowds. The area might see an influx of visitors for the long weekend that begins tomorrow, however.

Nemosenecio nikoensis provide a perfect splash of color amid the vibrant greens of summer.


Lately, we’ve received several inquires about tours and guided hikes in the area. While hikes are usually the provenance of Japanese language guides, you should have a look at this excellent online resource for info on tours in English.

I wish I had better news to offer about the short term weather forecasts, but recent reports suggest we can expect more rain. Always a good idea to check the forecast before embarking on a visit.

On a more positive note: ducklings!

Awwwwwww. Keep your eyes peeled for ducklings in and around the Dakesawa Wetlands.


These little wonders are just one example of the various species of waterfowl you can see in the ponds, marshes and streams around the park (especially the Dakesawa Wetlands where the above picture was snapped). Take your time and appreciate some of the little things that make the area so magical.

Thanks as always to the dedicated bloggers at Five Sense for providing the images and info used to create today’s blog. This week’s MVPs are Ume and Sakura.

We hope you find the time to visit Kamikochi in July to experience all that’s unique to this time of year.

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