Some Pictures of the Season

The colors are changing, leaves are falling, and Kamikōchi is getting cold. This time let’s take a look at some pictures of the season. This first one really sums up the season. Its simple beauty really strikes home.

Fall is Here

Now, fallen leaves seem to be collecting just about everywhere.

Fallen Leaves Resting on a Stump

After the rain the other day, the sky cleared up and Mt. Hotaka-dake showed itself once again.

The Hotaka Range After Rain

Looking more closely at its peaks, the colors have become burnt orange and red. There doesn’t appear to be any snow yet.

The Hotaka Range Showing Colors of the Season

The sky cleared up, and here is Kamikōchi in its glory. 

The Hotaka Range with a Backdrop of Cloudless Sky

And Mt. Yakedake with a backdrop of cloudless, blue sky…

Mt. Yakedake and Lots of Blue

While these sunny days have been warm, don’t let that fool you. Kamikōchi has been getting cold lately. Temperatures have dropped below freezing several nights with temperatures the other morning still not rising to positive digits. Here you can see the frosty Kappa-bashi Bridge.

Kappa-bashi Bridge Covered with Frost Again

A lot of frost this time…

This Time There is a Lot More Frost

Here you can see a frosted tree.

A Frosted Tree

It’s really getting cold, so you had better remember to bring warm clothes when you visit Kamikōchi to take your own ‘best shots’. See you around!


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