Spring Comes to Kamikochi

Written by: William Habington


Spring has finally come to Kamikochi.  It’s been getting warmer and warmer over the past few weeks, and we should expect more of the same!

Everywhere you look, signs of the new season are appearing.




Since the elevation here is 1,500 m above sea level, it’s naturally a bit colder than at lower elevations.  Expect the brisk mountain air to turn cold in the evening and remain that way until morning.




And, of course, there’s still some snow on the ground.  Well, that’s part of the Alpine experience and it won’t be completely gone until warmer spring temperatures arrive in earnest later in May.  Needless to say, warmly-clad hikers have been setting out to enjoy the park facilties since opening.  Golden week, in particular attracted many visitors, from casual strollers to experienced hikers.




It’s a glorious time of year in Kamikochi, presenting a blend of brisk winter air and all the signs of spring’s awakening.  Plants and animals alike are gathering to welcome the warmer weather and bring some color to the new hiking season.




Spring in Kamikochi is something you won’t want to miss.  Clear skies and clean air are yours to enjoy, so bring some warm clothing and and join us for some quality time with nature.


Source of Information:

– Kamikōchi National Park Guide Website (http://npg-alps.net/)