Summer Soundtrack — the Woodpeckers of Kamikochi

Ever part of the colorful menagerie of bird species in Kamikochi, woodpeckers of various shapes and sizes contribute to both the sights and sounds of summer.  Last week, the NPG Kamikochi blog added another installment to their wonderful series on birds and other wildlife in the park, and always quick to capitalize on their efforts, we’re here with an English translation.

We begin with the kogera or “Japanese pygmy woodpecker.”  As its name suggests, it is the smallest species of woodpecker found in Japan, measuring a mere 15cm from tail to beak.

Next we have the Akagera or “great spotted woodpecker.”  At 25cm in length, it’s significantly larger that its diminutive cousin and sports brighter foliage.

Moving up the scale chart, we meet the white backed woodpecker.  Similar in color to the great speckled woodpecker, it is slightly longer with average measurements of 28cm.

 Lastly, we turn our eyes from the woodpecker family to the Eurasian nuthatch, known for its distinctive “dwip dwip” call. At a modest 14cm, it’s about the size of the smallest woodpeckers.

“dwip dwip dwip dwip dwip dwip dwip dwip sha na na na, sha na na na na”

As with so many of our posts, this one would not have been possible without NPG’s excellent Kamikochi blog.  Once again, a warm thank you to the contributors for their efforts.

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The National Park Guide Kamikochi blog: