Sunny Weekend Provides Relief from Rain

After a week of constant rainfall, Kamikochi got what might be considered its first bona fide summer weekend.  With temperatures climbing into the low 30s in nearby cities, the conditions up above th 1,200m mark were more comfortable.  That said, it was definitely shorts and t-shirt weather around Kappa Bridge.  The rain may have returned over the course of the week, but this past weekend was a timely reminder of what we can expect from the peak of summer.  Thanks again to the good people at the National Park Guide website for providing these photos!

The flowers, which have benefitted from abundant rainfall of late, were also shown off to great advantage.  Under the radiant sunlight, they are dazzling tokens of the summer season.  And many, like the dogwood pictured below are a real treat for the senses: as pleasant to the nose as they are to the eye.

The Philadelphus coronarius, also known as English Dogwood.

The colorfully named “water crowfoot,” a cousin to the buttercup.

This summer ragwort welcomes a visitor.




The rainy weather has returned over the course of the week and with a typhoon set to pass Nagano later today (07/17/2015), some train services such as the all-imporant Azusa have been temporarily suspended.  We’ll be following this situation on our facebook page.


With the possibility of turbulent weather over the next few days, all prospective visitors are reminded to check the forecasts and prepare accordingly.  As always, we hope your summer visit is an unforgettable one!


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