The Blossoming of Summer

The past few weeks in Kamikochi have seen a mix of sun and rain, with the former providing clear skies and hot days and the latter providing sustenance for flora around the park.  We’d like to share some recent pictures with you, once again courtesy of our friends at the National Park Guide blog.


Pictured above in the article heading is a purple geranium, a delightful splash of color amid Kamikochi’s lush green vegitation.  In the past it has also been used as a herbal medicine for gastrointestinal ailments.

For variety, geraniums also come in white:

It is said that the white blossoms are common in the east of Japan and purple and pink blossoms common in the west.

Next, we come to the Ranunculales, part of a family of flowers that includes poppies and buttercups:

The blossoms on this plant present a quaint charm, even as the droop shyly groundward.

Last, we have a species of Hypericum which the Japanese call Shinanootogiri and whose vibrant yellow coloring is sure to delight.

As you can see, the summer season is just getting warmed up as it were.  As the last of the rainy weather drizzles to an end, we’ll be seeing more and more blue skies in the lead up to one of Kamikochi’s popular periods in early August.  Those who wish to get a jump on the crowds might wish to scope out a sunny day in the second half of July instead, but that’s really up to you. 

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See you soon!

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