The Last Day of the 2019 Season

Myojin Pond, lonely and tranquil at season’s end. (photo: Momo)

As is the case every year, November 15th marks the end of the tourist season in Kamikochi. Once the last buses leave the park early this evening, the Kama Tunnel will close and visitors will be unable to access the park by the usual means.

This a very brief post to mark the occasion on our time line and extend our thanks to everyone who visited this year, as well as to the bloggers at NPG for maintaining their excellent coverage of the park over the course of the season.

The images in today’s blog actually aren’t from today, but rather from yesterday. We’ll be following up in the next couple of days with some pictures of the final day in Kamikochi.

Frost on Myojin Bridge. (photo: Momo)


The weather may be fine in the daytime, but it has been very cold in the mornings. That’s a sure sign that Kamikochi will soon be inhospitable to the average visitor. Before long, snow will have swept in to cover the whole park in a blanket of white as it drifts off to a winter sleep.

A pair of Mandarin ducks out for a morning paddle (photo: Momo)


The appearance of Mandarin ducks, like the ones shown above is said to be one sure sign of winter in Kamikochi.

Sorry to leave you hanging, but we’ll be back next week to wrap up our coverage of the 2019 season. In the meantime, enjoy your weekend and keep warm!

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