The Rainy Season Continues with Sunny Intervals


Well, we haven’t seen the last of the rainy season yet.  This past week has given us a mixture of glorious sunny days and mild to heavy rainfall, making for some…interesting times in Kamikochi.


The following pictures, taken yesterday, show how rainy weather can yield to blue skies and white clouds for some of the nicest vistas you’re likely to see all year:



The other great blessing gained from rainy weather is the surge in new plant life seen around the park. 




Here we see a species of Ericales called “ginryoso” (or “silver dragon grass”) in Japanese for their resemblance to a curved dragon’s neck.


Yet another happy bi-product of rain is the increased clarity of the river water.  Typically brown in hue, it becomes a clear, transparent blue after rainfall.




Turning out attention to Yakedake, we can see that the snow has completely melted–yet another sign that real summer weather is on its way.




So the rainy season will soon be over.  Until then, be sure to check the forecasts regularly and plan your visit accordingly.  And even when the forecast calls for clear skies and sun, always pack rain gear.


As we await the arrival of summer, let’s not forget all that we’ve gained from the rainy season.  It has given us a richer more vibrant Kamikochi for the summer season of 2012, and when it’s over the sun will shine out all the brighter.




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