The Rich Green of Spring Hits its Peak

In Japanese, the word “Shinroku” signifies the new green of spring, fully emerged from winter.  Those who make the time to visit in the near future will be treated to what’s said to be the best time to experience the park’s rich spring environment.


Whether it’s the luminous greens of the grass and new leaves, seen in the picture below, or the deeper hues of the evergreens, the effect of the spring foliage is both calming and invigorating.  It really is a great time to be here!




And with the arrival of spring scenery comes spring weather.  Even in the early morning, visitors make do with light jackets and long sleeve shirts where, only a few weeks ago, warmer clothing would have been needed. 




Don’t be fooled though–Kamikochi proper may only be the “gateway” to the Japan Alps, but a lot of the common sense of alpine hiking still applies.  So be sure to pack warm (preferably waterproof) gear in case the weather suddenly changes.


Rather than going on and on about how lovely and green it is these days, I thought I would share these photos from the Kamikochi Shimizuya website.  These should give you a good impression of the scenery as well as an incentive to see it in person.  It’s always better that way, after all.


_K5S1101.jpg _K5S1109.jpg _K5S1111.jpg

So, as you can see, spring conditions have now completely replaced the last remnants of winter down below.  Up above the treeline, however, the mountains are striking a different kind of pose: a balance between the stark whites of winter and the austere greys and browns of the warmer months:




If these views don’t take your breath away, you’re made of sterner stuff than I.


For anyone planning a visit in the near future, be sure to check the weather forecasts and also keep an eye out for an upcoming article here on SHK, packed with useful info on staying overnight in Kamikochi.  And please visit our Facebook page with any questions or comments you might have:


Hope to see you soon!


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