The Silver Season Returns to Kamikochi


As the 2012 season draws to a close, there’s a chill in the air around Kamikochi.  The snow currently adorning the mountain tops appears to be here to stay, and as of November 1st, there has also been snow on the ground.  The park is changing color again, this time from fiery autumn reds and yellows to a lovely and serene white.  It’s a fine sendoff for what has been a wonderful year to experience and explore Kamikochi.   




With the last national holiday of the season now behind us, Kamikochi has grown suddenly quiet.  And as crowds disappear, a new feeling of serentity compliments the change of scene.




Anyone who has been looking for a way to enjoy Kamikochi while avoiding the usual crowds will find a perfect (if slightly chilly) situation awaiting them these days.  The scenery is spectacular as always.  There are still a few autumn leaves on the trees and the ground, and now that the snow is falling the park is starting to look like an inkwash print, or “suibokuga” as it’s called in Japanese. 



As the park’s official closing ceremony on November 15th approaches, the time remaining grows more precious by the day.  After the 15th, of course, hotels and other businesses will be closing down and the time for casual visitors to enjoy the sights of Kamikochi up close will be over.  So, whether you’ve been puting off paying us a visit or just waiting for the perfect time, why not drop by and take in some of the unique, late-autumn ambience that can only be experienced now.


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