Warm Weather Brings New Plant and Animal Life to Kamikochi


In spite of the recent typhoon, we’ve been enjoying a spell of beautiful weather here in Kamikochi.  The weekends in particular have been blessed with clear sunny skies which are unusual for the rainy season, and with warmer summer weather there’s a lot of new plant and insect life in the park. 


Let’s start by looking at some flowers which are showing up for the first time this season:


Here we can see geum flowers as they look both before and after blooming.  Their cheerful yellow hue is a welcome adition to the park.




And here, the unmistakable purple of the yoania japonica in full bloom:




And let’s not forget the radiant reds and oranges of the Rhododendron, typically found in moors and other watery areas. 

As Roxy Music once helpfully observed, “it’s a nice flower.”




Last but not least are the geraniums, whose distinctive shape always catches the eye.




As always, the new summer flowers are joined by another important part of the park’s eco system: the bugs.

This little fellow has made a home in Kamikochi’s verdant leaves. 




And who can blame him?  Even during the rainy season, it’s a terrific place to enjoy a day in the warm bosom of nature.  Better yet, if you time your visit well and avoid rainy days, you can enjoy a period when visitors to the park are fewer in number.  As mentioned in last week’s blog, the summertime peak has yet to hit Kamikochi.  Big crowds and true summer heat won’t get here for a while, so why not check the weather forecasts and plan a trip?


We look forward to seeing you here!


Source of Information:


– Kamikōchi National Park Guide Website (http://npg-alps.net/)