Wildflowers in a Sea of Green

As the end of May approaches, the atmosphere in Kamikochi is gradually changing from one of bracing spring weather with a strong dash of winter to one that cautiously anticipates the long, bright days of the warmer months.  The snow has all but vanished in the park proper and, more tellingly, the anemones–soft wildflowers which are the symbol of Kamikochi in spring–are everywhere.




In addition to being good news for anyone who enjoys warmer weather, the arrival of the wildflowers marks a distinctive season for viewing the park.  That’s one of the reasons you might notice other visitors strolling the forest paths with there eyes turned to the grass (rather than the mountains), if you happen to visit in the near future.  expect to hear the telltale sounds of mobile phones snapping photos as well.






You can see these beauties, all along the paths from Kappa Bridge to the surrounding areas, including the Konashi-daira Campground and Myojin Pond.  There’s something pleasing about the contrast between delicate white flowers, subtly accented with pink, on the ground and the beetling mountain ranges up up above:




If you’re looking for something a little more vigorous than pleasant strolls among seasonal flowers, there are many nice hiking trails up to higher ground which have the added benefit of taking you away from the crowds.  I myself am partial to the Karasawa Col, whose accomodations were dug out from under mounds of snow just a over a month ago, but that’s just one of many choices.  Kamikochi is the Gateway to the Northrn Alps after all!


On the topic of accomodations, we at Sacred Highland Kamkochi have been a little suprised to notice that the number of applicants for a special offer available through out homepage has been decreasing of late.  In an effort to increase visitors to Kamikochi, we are currently offering a 10% discount on rooms at participating hotels around the park.  Read all about it here: https://www.kamikochi.org/special-offers


The link provided above also helpfully lists the price range at each establishment, ranging from luxurious to more moderately priced fare.  Either way, 10% is a good little chunk of change.  It will give you more money to spend on beer, or snacks…or beer.


If you are considering your options for an overnight stay in Kamikochi, you’ll definitely want to check out this offer.  And, however you choose to do it, staying the night is arguably essential to getting the most out of the Kamikochi experience.  You get to enjoy stargazing at night and the pleasing tranquility of morning in the park (always a highlight).


If you have the chance, please visit our Facebook page and be to sure to leave any questions or comments you might have: https://www.facebook.com/kamikochi


In closing, we hope to see you here soon.  Spring is busting out all over and your presence is all that’s needed to complete the picture!


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