Advisory: Hikers Asked to Exercise Restraint Due to Volcanic Activity at Mt. Yake

Since earlier this month, the Japan Meteorological Agency has been posting updates on volcanic activity affecting the area around Mt. Yake (or Yake-dake). Numerous earthquakes have been detected and cited as evidence of greatly increased activity within the mountain.

In light of recent reports that many hikers, including a number of visitors from abroad, have continued climbing Mt. Yake, we would ask any prospective climbers to exercise caution when planning such an excursion.

What are the risks of an eruption?

The JMA has reported that in the ten day period between June 6th and June 10th, there have been 79 quakes relating to volcanic activity:

Due to ongoing volcanic and seismic activity, Mt. Yake currently has an alert rating of 1 (the lowest threat level for an active volcano), but this may soon be raised to 2 if these activities continue unabated. For an explanation of these threat levels, follow this hyperlink.