Important Update: Openings for some Accommodations Delayed

To all of our readers,

Thank you for your patience and understanding during these difficult times.

The still unfolding situation with the coronavirus crisis in Japan makes it difficult to offer up to date information regularly.

We can now confirm that several businesses and services around Kamikochi will not be commencing on schedule.

These include the following Gosenjaku Group businesses:

  1. Gosenjaku Hotel Kamikochi (including the Lounge)
  2. The Parklodge Kamikochi
  3. Kamikochi no Omiyage (gift shop)
  4. Gosenjaku Kitchen
  5. FIVE SENSE (guide service)
  6. Trois Cinq Kamikochi

All of these establishments are currently scheduled to resume service on April 30th. Please be aware that this date is subject to change.

While not all Kamikochi accommodations have announced delays, several popular establishments, including The Imperial Hotel and Kamonji Goya plan to open on May 7th, after the end of the Golden Week holiday.

We realize that many of our readers have had to cancel travel plans to Japan due to the global crisis that now sadly demands all of our attention. That said, we encourage anyone who was planning a visit to review the latest information and travel safely.

Also, please address any questions or concerns you might have to our Facebook page:

Best of luck to you and those close to you. Stay safe!

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