Important Updates Regarding Kamikochi’s 2020 Opening

Photo from the Nature Guide Five Sense Kamikochi blog.


To all our readers,

We have received the following official statement regarding Kamikochi’s 2020 opening and would like to share it with you:

“Kamikochi will officially open to the public on April 27th of this year, as usual.

The Kamikochi Kaizan-sai opening ceremony, enjoyed by many visitors in years past, will be cancelled this year due to measures being taken to combat the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). In its place, a smaller ceremony involving only locals, will be held to offer prayers for safety in the coming year.

Please be aware that the Kama Tunnel, which grants access to the park via buses and taxis, will open as scheduled on April 17th. Bus services, hotels, ryokan, and mountain lodges are all currently expected to operate as normal.

To all prospective visitors who had been looking forward to the Kamikochi Kaizan-sai opening ceremony, we sincerely regret any inconvenience caused to you and greatly appreciate your understanding in this matter.”


We will return with further updates as they become available. Stay safe!