Kamikochi English Guided Walk

Let’s have an afternoon walk in Kamikochi. An English-speaking guide will lead the walk along Azusa-gawa River and help you understand fauna, flora, and mountains around Kamikochi. It’s a one-way guide from Kamikochi Visitor Center to Myojin. With a little help by the guide, you will enjoy Kamikochi even more!

◆Date and TIme:- 13:00 – 14:30, 13th September, 2018
◆Starting Place: Kamikochi Visitor Center
◆Finishing Place: Myojin-ike Pond
◆Fee: 500/person (Cash only)
◆Guide: Arata Matsunaga (Certified English Guide of Nagano Prefecture)
◆Course: Kamikochi Visitor Center -> (Left bank of Azusa-gawa River) -> Myojin-ike Pond

How to Participate
1. Drop by Kamikochi Visitor Center by 12:50 (No reservation needed)
2. Fill an easy participation form
3. Pay the fee
4. Wait for a few minutes until the walk