Kamikochi Temporarily Closed Due to Heavy Rainfall

Hello to all our readers.

As I write, record-breaking rainfalls are causing emmergency situations throughout south and central Japan. Many of you will already be aware of the situation in Kyushu where flooding and other perils have already claimed many lives.

Until yesterday, the situation in Nagano had been more stable with the prefecture receiving relatively light rainfall. However, Kamikochi received over 100mm of rain and was declared temporarily closed as of 17:00 yesterday (2020/07/07). More specifically, the Kama Tunnel which grants access to the park is currently closed to traffic.

We are monitoring the situation and will post an announcement when the closure is lifted.

Additionally, as of 6am this morning (2020/07/08), special weather alerts have been issued for Gifu and Nagano Prefectures. Authorities warn of the possibility of landslides, flooding, and rivers overflowing.

Areas earmarked for special caution include Hida City. Takayama City, Cujo City, Gero City, Nakatsugawa City, and Ena City.

Please note that the afformentioned areas are in all in Gifu, with some near the Nagano border.

We urge anyone in the area or considering travel to exercise utmost caution to ensure your own safety.

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