Latest Updates on bus and rail access to Matsumoto and Kamikochi

Our friends at the Visit Matsumoto website have posted the following update regarding public transportation facilities granting access to Matsumoto and surrounds:

To summarize the content of their post:

As of Oct 14th, disruptions caused by to Typhoon Hagibis have led to the following cancellations:

  1. JR Super Express Azusa, Shinjuku to Matsumoto
  2. Highway buses linking Shinjuku and Matsumoto (due to highway closures)
  3. JR trains linking Nagano and Matsumoto

Currently, the following trains and buses have returned to almost normal levels of operation:

  1. Buses and trains linking Matsumoto and Nagoya.
  2. Buses operating withing Matsumoto
  3. Buses linking Matsumoto, Kamikochi and Takayama.

Those currently in Tokyo can take the Hokuriku Shinkansen to Nagano City and then travel to Matsumoto by highway bus from Nagano Station.

Most hotels, shops, and other facilities in Matsumoto, including Matsumoto Castle are open as usual.

Thanks again to Visit Mastumoto for providing this valuable information.