Stranded Visitors Return Safely, but No Date Given for 158 Reopening

Hello to all of our readers in Japan and around the world.

We reported on Wednesday that some 300 people had been left stranded inside Kamikochi due to landlsides blocking the mouth of the Kama Tunnel. That number included both visitors to the park and various staff and other personnel.

We are relieved to announce that all 30 stranded visitors were able to leave the park on foot yesterday with the assistance of Matsumoto civic government employees.

At time of writing, there has been no announcement about when Route 158–now blocked by landslide debris–will be reopened. This means that Kamikochi will be unaccessible to travelers until further notice.

In more positive news, the train lines which had been disrupted by heavy rainfall in mid-week have are now resuming full service.

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