Update on Walking Paths (2017/04/17)

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times: the bloggers at NPG are just great.  Real national treasures in my own humble opinion.  Just today they posted some up to the minute photographs as well as some very helpful info about paths connecting popular destinations in Kamikochi.

Today, let’s take a look at the routes connecting the Kappa Bridge and Myojin Pond areas.

There’s still plenty of snow on the ground at Kamikochi.

As of April 17th, this is how it stood:

–Heading toward the Myojin area from the Kappa Bridge along the right bank of the Azusa River (Gosenjaku Lodge/Myojin Pond side), walking paths are not yet clear.  There is a gravel road for motor vehicles serving the park–not for pedestrians–so please exercise caution when following this path.

–Heading toward the Myojin area from the Kappa Bridge along the left bank of the Azusa River (Gosenjaku Hotel/Konashidaira side), walking paths are available, but snow makes it difficult to walk in some places.  please bear this in mind when planning your hike.

Here’s what you can expect from the walking courses on the left bank. They can be traversed on foot but proper winter hiking boots are a necessity.

For those who venture out to Myojin, please be aware that there is calf-deep snow from the bridge onward, meaning snowshoes are practically required to make any kind of quick progress.

More importantly, no one is currently staffing this area, so you’d be completely responsible for your own safety.

The area around Myojin is still very snowy indeed. Bring snowshoes or consider heading back if you reach this point.

And if the photos don’t make it blindingly obvious, it’s still quite wintery out there, so do bundle up. Jackets and gloves for starters and a hat for good measure.

We sincerely hope everyone who heads to Kamikochi between now and the official opening on the 27th makes their own safety a priority and is rewarded with great views and fine weather.

And thanks as always to the National Park Guide bloggers.  NPG, you da real MVPs!

Source of Information:

National Park Guide Kamikochi blog: https://npg-alps.net/blog/today/16514