A Chill in the Air as Autumn Approaches

Mount Yake looms over the Azusa River.

Hello to all of our readers near and far. We hope you’ve had a good week and are primed for an even better weekend.

Well, summer as we know it seems to be at an end. As of Tuesday, the mercury dipped below 10 degrees Celsius for the first time since spring. That means that, while Kamikochi’s celebrated foliage won’t be here till mid-October, the weather will be getting more and more autumnal.

The Hotaka peaks, lightly wreathed in cloud

Of course, it’s not just the temperature that’s announcing the arrival of autumn. There are also seasonal flowers like the aster seen here. Note the subtle purple hue of the petals:

There are also subtle hints of the coming foliage season scattered around the park. Consider the new livery of this Japanese rowan:

There’s also seasonal fruit (albeit inedible) like the berries seen on this Viburnum opulus (guelder rose):

And as seen last week, the Araschnia burejana, or “large map” is making the rounds in the park, lending the perfect late summer/early autumn accent to any sylvan scene.

What to wear this September

The good folks at Five Sense recently reported in their blog that September 7th recorded a morning low of 9 degrees Celsius and a daytime high of 18 with clear weather lasting all day. That should give you some idea of what to wear if you venture into the park. Be sure to pack a light fleece to keep you warm along with full length trousers and of course a hat. The last item is essential for avoiding a potentially painful sunburn. Don’t let the cool weather fool you. The UV count can be very high around here.

That’s all for this week’s blog, but we hope you’ll continue to join us for our coverage of autumn 2021 as the golden season unfolds.

Till next time, stay free.

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