Autumn Colors Enter Peak Period

A hearty hello to all of our readers on this brisk, vibrant autumn day.

The arrival of snow on mountaintops around Kamikochi this week signaled the inevitable onset of winter while also providing a lovey backdrop to the increasingly colorful foliage in central Kamikochi.

As we enter the final third of October, their are plenty of maple and elm trees to admire with the larches set to peak at month’s end. Meanwhile, n the Konashidaira Camping Area, larches are already displaying some of their trademark mellow gold pigmentation:

With our eyes being draw to trees and mountain tops, we risk ignoring one of the other visual treats of autumn: the blanket of fallen leaves beneath our feet:

At time of writing, morning temperatures were hovering just above the freezing level, rising to 7 degrees Celsius on warmer days. With daytime high barely climbing above the 10 degree mark we advise bringing a down jacket or something similarly suitable for cold weather.

A big thanks to the bloggers at Five Sense for providing up to date info on yet another autumn season, and especially to Hiyoko and Sakura who who posted the entries cited in this blog.

To all of our readers, we hope you have a satisfying, warm, and safe autumn wherever you are.

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