Autumn Update (2020/10/14): Yellow Leaves and Caramel Trees

Hello to all of our readers!

I’m posting this update on a crisp, sunny autumn day as Kamikochi’s autumn foliage grows more and more vivid. A recent spell of cold weather in the area hastened the leaves changing color at a rate which now looks on track to hit a late October peak.

The latest addition to the autumn mosaic has been the appearance of yellow katsura leaves on the hills. Known in English by the cumbersome title of Cercidiphyllum japonicum, this handsome deciduous tree is also sometimes called the “caramel tree” due to the mild, caramel-like fragrance it emits when its leaves start falling in autumn.

Weather-wise, yesterday morning saw a significant uptick in temperature with lows rising to 10 degrees Celsius. Midday highs settled to a temperate 14 degrees, making for comfortable jacket weather. Please bear in mind that weather can very greatly from day to day. Sunny days may feel relatively warm, but rainy or overcast days are noticeably chillier particularly when the wind chill factor kicks in. Please dress accordingly and always take the possibility of rain into account.

That concludes today’s update. Thanks as always to the bloggers at Five Sense, and especially Momo who posted the piece which was the source of this post.

We hope you’re all having a safe and enjoyable autumn.

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